Orkney Ringing Group

Orkney Ringing Group

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Swallow Ringing

SwallowThe numbers of swallows breeding in Orkney has steadily increased from a few pairs in the late 1970's to over 500 pairs. The number of pulli ringed has increased over the years and in most years approximately 400 pulli are now ringed.

In addition to the effort put into the pulli ringing full grown birds are ringed at the roost at Graemeshall Loch, Holm, during late summer and early autumn. This site provided the most northerly data for the BTO's swallow Roost Project.Netting Ringing recoveries have shown that in addition to chicks reared throughout Orkney, birds reared in Shetland and northern Scotland also gather at the reed bed before migrating south.

The numbers of birds ringed at the roost each year is very dependent on the weather conditions.