Orkney Ringing Group

Orkney Ringing Group


Ornithological Links

National Organisations

British Trust for Ornithology

The BTO is run by a small group of scientific staff who organise groups of volunteers to carry out wild bird surveys. The results of these surveys are analysed by the BTO staff and much of the results are made use of by decision makers to set priorities and target resources for bird conservation. The Bird Ringing Unit which co-ordinates bird ringing is one department within the BTO. As the bird conservation priorities in Scotland can differ from the rest of the UK due to the different land use the BTO recently set up a Scottish Office in Stirling to look at bird conservation issues relevant to Scotland.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

The RSPB is by far the biggest bird organisation in the UK. The RSPB owns bird reserves throughout the UK covering a wide range of habitats necessary to help conserve the diverse bird populations found in the UK.
The RSPB also manage reserves in a manner to help protect some of our scarcer breeding birds. In addition their is a local branch of the RSPB which organises events with an ornithological theme throughout the year.

Scottish Orithologist's Club

As the name suggests the SOC promotes Ornithology in Scotland. They produce a newsletter and journal with articles and paper of Scottish Ornitholgical interest. The SOC also has a local branch in Orkney which holds a series of talks, given by visiting speakers, during the winter months.

Local Organisations

North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory

North Ronaldsay is the best locality for seeing migrants in Orkney. In addition to the rare birds which turn up regualrly good numbers of more common migrants can be seen if the weather conditions are right. North Ronaldsay also holds good numbers of waders during late April and May as they return to their Arctic breeding grounds. Tysties and Fulmars breed around the shore,
sharing this habitat with the native seaweed eating sheep. The Bird Observatory offers very comfortable accommodation for anyone wishing to visit the island. The Obs is run by Alison Duncan, a qualified bird ringer, and her staff who are also keen ornithologists.

Orkney Field Club

The Orkney Field Club are a group of people interested in and caring about Orkney's natural heritage, all aspects of the county wildlife, geology and landscape.
The OFC organises field meetings with a natural history theme throughout the year. In the winter months they also hold talks and slide shows.


(Orkney Community Environment Awareness Network) OCEAN's aim is to co-ordinate, promote and provide environmental education throughout
Orkney. OCEAN also produces an events calendar which details the activities of the various environmental groups in Orkney.

Other Ringing Groups

Tay Ringing Group

Tay Ringing Group operates in the Tay Region. Their ringing activities include ringing in the Tay reed beds (the largest reed bed in Scotland), raptor ringing and radio tracking of Ring Ousels. Tay Ringing Group also hold a ringing weekend which affords the opportunity for individuals to obtain/upgrade their ringing permits.

Wash Wader Ringing Group

The Wash Wader Ringing Group operates in the Wash and concentrate mainly on wader ringing. They are the largest cannon netting group in Great Britain.