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Farmland Birds

TwiteFarmland birds have been the focus of much recent conservation attention due to the decrease in their numbers.  In Orkney areas of Winter Farmland Bird Crops have been planted at several locations to provide winter feeding for the birds.  These localities also provided the ideal chance for some members of the Group to ring the birds.

RingingAlong with members of the Highland and Grampian Ringing Groups a co-ordinated effort was made to ring Twite throughout northern Scotland.  In Orkney the birds were also colour-ringed to increase the chances of re-sightings.  This co-ordinated effort has now produced sufficient information to allow us to proceed with a paper on the movements of Twite in Northern Scotland. 

WingGood numbers of Linnets were also caught whilst ringing the Twite.  In addition good numbers of Linnets are caught on Sanday during early autumn.  The other farmland bird which has been caught in good numbers is Meadow Pipit which is mainly caught a two sites in West Mainland during autumn.