Orkney Ringing Group

Orkney Ringing Group



The Orkney Ringing Group is grateful for the financial support it has received from various organisations and bodies over the years.

The operators of the Flotta Oil Terminal, initially Occidental Petroleum, then the Elf
and since 1999 Talisman Energy (UK) Limited have all given generous continuous support to our seabird ringing programme.

The Scottish Ornithologist’s Club assisted financially in enabling us to obtain our original cannon-netting equipment.

Scottish Natural Heritage have given grants to cover the cost of Swan rings which enabled the Group to start monitoring the moulting flock on the Harray Loch and also the Grey Lag Goose ringing and monitoring which the Group has recently undertaken.

We are also indebted to all the landowners, who, have allowed us to carry out studies on their land and we hope that this co-operation will continue in the future.